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Unleashing Your Voice

This is a personal journey to develop your voice within and better understand who you are. By processing our personal stories and reflecting on the negative influences that have impacted your life will help to develop healthier way to show up in different parts, create a clearer picture of your personal story and journey,​ and helping to find your direction, wherever you are.​

3-Month Program

This is a personal journey to develop your voice within and better understand who you are. In our 3 monthly virtual gatherings, we provide a safe space for women of color to be seen and known. We hope at the end of the program, you will know your true voice and walk confidently into your purpose. 

Guided Coaching

Our professional coaching team is well trained and equipped to help you break down the barriers that are currently blocking your voice and help to build up the confidence you need to take charge of your journey. With help of a facilitator, we guide women to understand purpose through articles, writing prompts, and group discussions

Network & Resources

After the sessions, you remain a member who will continue to receive exclusive access to coaching content, informative articles, a network of like-minded women of varying expertise, and a supportive sisterhood that can follow you for life.



Jean Park


Ellie Windham

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Macollvie J. Neel


Tayllor Johnson

The program includes an interactive working group where you will embark on a learning journey in four different sessions, dedicated to helping you unleash the voice within.


4:30 pm

April 5

The Kick Off

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

The first virtual session is dedicated to breaking the ice and networking within your new working group. You will meet women who are also on the journey and who will be your allies of support throughout the process. Our professional coaches will help to assess your learning goals to begin your path for finding your voice and purpose within.

April 19

Identify Your Voice

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

In our second session we will embark on the journey to self awareness and reflections. You will be provided with tools and resources to get insights to better understand yourself , your story, and your intended life purpose. Our coaches will help you to develop your story and build your confidence to share your experiences with others. 

May 17

Strengthen Your Voice

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Our third session will begin the training and development of your voice by creating your purpose statement and exploring other women’s paths.


In this session you will learn about holistic practices such as mindfulness and meditation to strengthen your inner voice.

June 7

Unleash Your Voice

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

In our final session, you will learn how to live out your voice whether it's with a project or business. 

In this session, the focus is directed to how you can utilize your new found storytelling abilities to share your experiences and leave the impact you want on every aspect of your life.

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To become a community of women who are empowered to use their voice to spread empathy, form communities, and live out their true purpose.


Empowering Women's Voices by Providing Transformative Experiences Through Storytelling & Community. 

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