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Where Are They Now: Shameka Denise

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Tell us about your proudest moment recently in using your Voice?

My proudest moment I’ve recently experienced was teaching a screenwriting class to current 3rd and 4th graders. Some of the students were confused about what to write and I explained to them storytellers write about things that matter to them. Storytellers make sure their voices are heard, no matter how silly or dramatic the story seems. The exercise didn’t seem so challenging afterward and everyone had several stories they had brainstormed to write. It was amazing to see the number of stories they came up with. One was about an interracial couple and their daughter.

How has your voice evolved? What has led to that change?

One of those places that my voice has evolved is in dating. As I become more confident in the sound of my “roar,” I no longer shrink back or avoid uncomfortable situations. Women often are afraid to express what they want or hold back in many dating scenarios. I have been having a ball dating online. A new boldness has arrived and I’m walking in it. I’m clear about what I want, what I offer, and what I won’t accept. I’m also more upfront and think less of what the guy’s opinion of me will be since I’m definitely not trying to fit a mold. It’s allowed me to be freer as I date. So far the prospects are good and so far the ones that shrink back from my “roar” aren’t suited for me

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