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Where Are They Now: Perla Brito

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

What’s been the biggest change in your life? How has your Voice helped you grow through it?

The biggest change was my husband moving jobs and being away during the week, Monday through Friday, so I am now alone with the kids during the week. Somehow focusing on my well-being is what is keeping me sane these days. There is a lot going on between juggling work, kids, extracurricular activities, etc. but I am still going to the gym every morning for at least an hour. That dedication to my well-being has really helped. While I am focusing on me, it's my ‘me’ time. I am still challenging myself and discovering what I like.

What’s influenced and inspired your growth and development?

At the beginning of 2019, I established my goals for the year. I made them small, concrete, and attainable with a focus on elements I wanted to improve and grow, from professional to well-being, travel, and family goals.

Crossing off each one and knowing that I could achieve them has kept me focused and has inspired my development for the year.

How has your voice evolved? What has led to that change?

I don't think it has evolved that much. I am still trying to focus on myself and making sure I am all-right before trying to improve or help others.

How has your Voice impacted your professional development?

Just focusing on my goals has guided my professional development this year.

Tell us about your proudest moment recently in using your Voice?

One of my proudest moments recently was finishing the Spartan Race. Again, by focusing on me and making myself stronger. This was something I had dreamt of doing but had not been brave enough to set my mind to do. So I finally challenged myself and said, "why not." I crossed the line excited, muddy, and with the biggest feeling of accomplishment ever! I realized that I am really stronger than I think I am!

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