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Where Are They Now: Leslie Short

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

What’s been the biggest change in your life? How has your Voice helped you grow through it?

My biggest challenge is reminding myself that we all move at different paces and to meet people where they are; which means there are times I need to slow down. Since I am someone that is up and ready to go 7 days a week, I can't expect everyone to be that way so I need to challenge myself to find the beauty and strength in each step, regardless of the pace. The more I use my voice on larger platforms and hear from others about their journey, I get to honor their journey and mine regardless of the pace.

What’s influenced and inspired your growth and development?

The urgency to make change happen now. I have always believed that we get one chance at this life so I better make the most of it. Tomorrow is today so if there is a desire to make something happen, then I need to figure out how to make it happen and turn intent into action.

How has your voice evolved? What has led to that change?

My voice has evolved by assuring that I do my best to speak from an inclusion perspective. There really was no change; using my voice has always been important to me. The change is that I now have a growing platform to speak from. I speak about inclusion but on a smaller scale and now that I have a platform I want to make sure the conversations expand beyond the current culture from where conversations started. It's the only way to share, learn, and grow.

How has your Voice impacted your professional development?

My voice is my profession. Through my first career as a ballet dancer, my body was part of my voice but I had no problem standing up for injustice with my voice when I stepped off the stage.

How has your personal life been affected by your Voice?

All of my experiences have affected my voice, including a strong spiritual foundation and the understanding that my voice has meant not only to myself but to others. This leads me to create The Cavu Group, which gives me the platform to share my voice with audiences I may not have had the opportunity to share with on topics that are important to me and hopefully society: Diversity, Inclusion, LGBT++, Disabilities, Climate Change, Health issues, Justice and Peace, which all equals Humanity.

Tell us about your proudest moment recently in using your Voice?

I spoke at a two-day forum where I was a speaker and on a panel. My voice was shared as the top ten takeaways from the forum.

Having people come up to me or send me notes after I speak to say thank you makes me think differently. I hope it leads to change on their end but anytime my voice touches anyone is a proud moment for me.

What aspect of your Voice are you most thankful for these days?

It's not an aspect of my voice but the fact that I recognize my voice has strength and can be used for positive change.

What do you hope our readers will take away from learning about your Voice journey?

Please note your voice will grow as you grow and understand that where you are today is not where you will be tomorrow. Your voice grows at your pace, not others. Sit back, be quiet, and look within to know what's important to you. Your voice will find a way to express what is meaningful to you.

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