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In Sherrell's Shoes : My Life, My Voice

Name: Sherrell Moore-Tucker

Where do you live now? Washington, DC metro area

Industry : Wellness

What does it mean to you to have a voice? It means being able to fully express hopes and desires through mind, body, and spirit.

How did you find your voice?

I was born and raised in Augusta, GA and graduated from a Performing Arts High School. I found my voice through the arts and my local church. The church encouraged me to join various ministries that pushed me out of my comfort zone like the choir, vacation bible school, and other activities. I was encouraged to use my voice as a young black woman in my community but it took longer to find confidence to express my voice outside of it.

What event or series of events helped you find your voice?

I've always felt comfortable expressing my voice in my community but I became more confident in my expression once I enlisted in the military. I was surrounded by great leaders in the Army who believed in me and provided me with opportunities to speak and lead with a level of boldness that I didn't know I had as a young woman. This experience really gave me confidence and strength.

Additionally, I continued to express my voice through movement and dance. Movement gave a certain fullness to my voice that took the focus off my mouth and allowed me to fully express my deepest hopes and desires through my mind, body, and spirit.

How did 2020 help you refine/redefine your voice?

Although my voice was challenged in 2020, it ultimately became stronger with rest and stillness. I had some pretty significant realizations about myself in 2020 that I carry with me to this day. First, that limiting my social media activity was key to allow me to explore the beauty and my deep desire for more contentment in my life.

Second, I realized that spending time outdoors could bring me so much joy. Walking and meditating outside allowed me to process grief, celebrate, feel confused, and angry. Finally, I refocused on yoga and rediscovered my love for this discipline. Movement helps me to process my emotions and my experiences.

Whose voice are you influenced by?

I've had various mentors throughout my life. I recall my high school guidance counselor and cheerleader coach who both prepared me for college. My guidance counselor always kept me abreast of scholarships and scholastic activities that would fully represent me on my college applications. While my cheer coach prepared my mind to never give up through practices and performances. Later on, my platoon sergeants encouraged me to lead with my presence and my voice.

How has your voice influenced others, particularly those in your community?

I offer support by offering resources, a listening ear, a kind note/email, and I ask how I can support/help other women in a similar situation as mine. My main mantra is “it costs nothing to be kind.” Women can support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel.

Where will your voice lead next?

I am open and hopeful about lending my voice to more wellness endeavors for special populations in the future.


Sherrell is a corporate and community wellness educator who began practicing yoga and meditation due to her own experiences with various health challenges while serving in the military.

She completed her first yoga teacher training in 2010 and since that time Sherrell has been offering mindfulness practices as tools for stress management and healing for those in her community.

She is registered as an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT-200) with the National Yoga Alliance with certifications in Christian & Biblical meditation, Restorative Yoga for Race Based Traumatic Stress Injury, Yin Yoga, and level 1 iRest® Yoga Nidra meditation.

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