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In Brittani’s Shoes : Simply Inspire

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Name: Brittani Nicole

Where do you live now? Jacksonville, Florida

Industry: Beauty

What does it mean to you to have a voice?

To have a voice means to have great influence on those around you. It’s important to have a voice because it allows you to express your innermost feelings. I’ve always wanted to be effective with my voice, and change my atmosphere everywhere I go.

How did you find your voice?

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida on the southside of town around people of all walks of life and different races. It allowed me to connect with everyone and be able to cater to individual needs. We are ALL God's children! I represent the Women in the African American community, but also the women in this nation. Growing up I was taught to always fight for what’s right, for what I believe in. This definitely has helped shape who I am today and how I conduct myself in the community .

I started to express my voice at a young age. My parents encouraged me to sing as a child, and when you find something you are good at, you work to perfect it. It grows on you, and as God matured me, I realized how much my gift blessed the body of Christ. However, the confidence was not always there. Their confidence in me, along with family members, gave me that extra push I needed. I had such a strong support system that included family and friends, but singing helped me fulfill my purpose!

What event or series of events helped you find your voice?

Singing during my college years built up my confidence. I worked with people of different calibers and started learning more about the music world, how to properly plan a concert, and what that all entails. It gave me responsibility and courage to lead a club on campus.

When it came to business endeavors, I knew I always wanted to start my own business, I knew I wanted to be a voice for others who had that same passion. Helping my Ministry feed widows in our community once a month further encouraged my passion to be a voice for others. It made my heart smile to see how happy they were to not only receive food, but to have someone to inspire and talk to. To connect and work with others and make a difference in those communities reinforced my beliefs.

How did 2020 help you refine/redefine your voice?

I was in the midst of meeting with other business owners to get insight on starting my cosmetics line and planning photo shoots, when Covid happened. I was trying to order samples for my line when shipping shut down, production slowed, and the opportunity to meet in public became obsolete. Still I did not let that stop me. I turned my attention to my website and sought help to get that completed. I also kept working on my “Levels on Demand” business course. Jasmine Morales, the CEO, has been there step by step to help me in this journey, especially through 2020. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance, support, and friendship.

I learned that perseverance and prayer is KEY. Determination is necessary to make it through the valley! I stand with confidence knowing that everyone won’t share my views, but my purpose is to get them to respect my view first, and then they will be more open to listening.

Whose voice are you influenced by?

God #1, My mom #2. I watched my mom always speak for what she believed in, even when it was unpopular. To the point where my grandmother started calling her “Johnetta Cochran!” Lol! She never backs down from a challenge and that inspired me to push myself.

#3 Scott Simpkins, CEO of “I’m Proud of Me Mentoring” - This amazing man of God has been in my life for 2 years and really pushed me to do even greater things. He always reminds me of why I started, and has helped me every step of the way with business advice, has prayed with me, and even encouraged me in my singing. He believed in me from the start, and that has helped develop and solidify my voice .

How has your voice influenced others, particularly those in your community?

I have a strong social media presence, and I have connected with many new faces on Clubhouse. I help promote other women on clubhouse and give them a platform to share what they have to offer the community. The conversations we hold and the topics we talk about embody Beauty AND the Bible; Hence the name of my Facebook/Clubhouse Community, “Beauty & The Bible.” I truly believe my voice has encouraged others to not give up, no matter what the circumstances are. I have many great testimonies that I share with others who may not feel that they have a voice. Through those experiences and lessons I believe they are influenced and encouraged to keep fighting!

I support small business owners since I will also be a small business owner in the future. Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s situation and taking the time to understand how and why they feel the way they do. It makes me value how I treat others and how they view me as a person and as a leader.

Where will your voice lead next?

I’ve always had a love for Beauty! I previously worked as a Business Manager in Cosmetics at a high fashion retailer. While working in skincare I encountered women in all walks of life - many of them being very wealthy. What I quickly realized is that some of these women only came in to buy products to fill a void, make a friend, or talk about the issues they dealt with at home. My job became less about selling and more about INSPIRING. My heart became burdened for these ladies and I literally said to myself “I want to create a brand that inspires a woman to be great before inspiring her to buy.“


Brittani Nicole Payton is 33 and a native of Jacksonville, Florida. She loves God, to sing, and travel. Brittani graduated from University of North Florida with a Bachelor in Nursing, but decided to have a career change and went into Sales Management/Beauty. She will be launching her first business and cosmetics line, “Brittani Nicole Beauty” hopefully this fall.

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